Multi-table poker: the best game strategies

Multi-table poker: the best game strategies

Multi-table poker tournaments, both in live casinos and online casinos, require players to have a playing strategy, which is often nothing more than discipline. The goal is obviously to get to the final table. The first phase of the tournament is often decisive, because the one that describes your personality to other players. Or rather, the personality you want to show. Usually the most convenient choice is to show yourself as a calculating accountant, who only plays roulette game good hands.

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The goal at this stage is to take the chips of poor players before the others. In speculative hands the goal is to see the flop with relatively little effort: limp from middle and late position or call a raise up to a maximum of one tenth of your stack.

Once you’ve seen the flop, if you haven’t hit something strong, the recommendation is to fold. Big pairs are usually defended with a raise, thus preventing opponents from seeing the flop for little money.

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Small broadway cards (A10, Q10, KQ, QJ) must be played with caution, it is difficult to win with these. As for the pre-flop betting, you must avoid that the raise is too low, in this case it would give others an easy possibility to call, or too high because in this scenario only high profile hands would enter the game. Other tips in no particular order for multi-table poker: play casino baccarat against the table, without looking at the rankings, re-raise in strong hands and forget the recent past, staying clear on the present. Multi-table poker is a marathon.

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